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Welcome to the Li group

Our research interests lie in developing and applying novel probes in time domain to study reaction dynamics at their most detailed level. The goal of our research is to understand, predict and eventually control a chemical reaction in the most effective way. The probes include strong field ionization and ultrashort electron and photon pulses produced from high order harmonic generation (HHG). Due to the intrinsic ultrafast property of HHG, the pulse duration of the photon and electron can be as short as a few tens of attoseconds (10-18s). These fast pulses enable us for the first time to directly probe the attosecond dynamics of the electrons, which play a dominant role in reactions relevant to physics, chemistry and biology.

Recently, we developed a new 3-D imaging system based on a low-cost fast frame camera. Using this method, we detected a momentum matched co-fragment ion pair and also achieved electron slicing with a time resolution of ~ 32 ps.
Coincidence events of methyl and iodine cations from strong field dissociative double ionization of methyl iodide

Slicing electron with a time slice of ~ 32 ps :
the temporal evolution of electron Newton sphere

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